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It's always 1981 here

Specializing in producing playing aids for the Labyrinth Lord ™ RPG, Taskboy Games brings an authentic, Old School feel to today's gaming table.

From full-length adventures and rule supplementals to one-page pluggable modules, Taskboy Games has what you need to make your next game night fun.

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Full Length Adventures

TBG-1: Manse on Murder Hill

Low-level adventures are not just for newbies anymore!

This low-level adventure uses the familiar setup of a small village in desperate need of heroes, but with a twist. The players will pierce the veil surrounding the mysterious old house, the peculiar sounds emanating from within and curious entities that now dwell within. Why was this house abandoned in the first place? Are the villagers really as simple as they seem?

Our flagship product features illustrations by Stuart Robertson and David Guyll, cartography by Tim Hartin, interior and exterior maps, a roster of pre-generated player characters and hand-out materials for the players.

This product is available as a PDF download or a softcover printed edition.

This is part one of a planned three part series.

TBG-10: Tranzar's Redoubt

Every fool knows that a cornered conjurer is the most dangerous foe. But a truly wise wizard will always have a fallback plan to use when victory eludes him. A secret place cached with treasure, filled with monsters and guarded by dweomercraft most subtle is the defeated magician's best friend. It is also a juicy plum for professional adventurers. Care to take a bite?

An adventure for character levels 4-6, featuring pre-generated characters, player hand-outs and a new, easy-to-use gambling minigame.

This product is available as a PDF download or a softcover printed edition.

One Page Adventures

TBG-A: Under Fogbreath Peak

The stone giant Jarl Drago just offered you a lot of money.

I hear you solve problems for other people, said Drago.

You look up from your ale at him expectantly.

My clan was betrayed, killed by Ironbones, spat the giant. I have a bag full of diamonds. It's yours if you bring me that traitor's head.

If this giant has decided it was necessary to shame himself by asking for help, this Ironbones has got to be pretty tough. You'll need help, reliable help from people you've already worked with. Still, assaulting the lair of giant is never quite that simple. And this giant has had time to dig in. But you really need the gold...

Jarl Drago, you say standing up. You have yourself a deal.

Under Fogbreath Peak is a mid-level one page underground adventure that can stand alone or be added to an existing map.

TBG-B: The Evil of Witches Fen

Lankwick is a town that the swamp threw up.

Vile, backward, and full of people who would kill or eat you if the heat weren't so oppressive, the sea port of Lankwich hunches over the only working harbor on this horrible jungle island. You are eager for the next outbound transport ship, but that has been delayed.

Over a mug of lager, some locals have been winding you up over stories about the strange goings on happening in "unpeopled" interior of the island. Ghosts, witches, fire giants and more inhabit these pub dweller tales, but are any of them true?

When you get word that the transport ship has been delayed again, you decide to have a wilderness adventure.

The Evil of Witches Fen is a swampy hexcrawl designed for mid-level characters.


TBG-SUP-1: How to Hexcrawl

Wilderness adventures have been with this hobby since its earliest days. In the 1981 ruleset of the world's most popular fantasy roleplaying game, instructions were given to referees bringing their players out of the dungeon into the open air.

These rules were adequate, as long as the game didn't linger on the wilderness adventure part.

With the Old School RPG revival, a new interest has developed among players to adventure on the journey between set locations. This kind of adventure is called a hexcrawl.

This supplemental merely re-organized the existing wilderness rules found in the Labyrinth Lord core rules to make it explicitly clear how to do this.

In this guide, you will find:

  • What the referee needs to run the hexcrawl
  • How the players prepare for the journey
  • The order of play for each game day in the wilderness

Written with the help of the Google+ OSR community, this resource is a must-have for "expert" players.

TBG-SUP-2: Adventure Seeds: Islands

Need some inspiration for island-based adventures? Adventure Seeds: Islands provides tables for random encounters on islands of various sizes. It even contains a table to generate islands from the tiniest rock to the largest sub-continent landmass. Need some ideas for unusual, magical islands? There is a table for that too.

This product will help any game master looking to create sea-born adventures on the fly.

About the Author: Joe Johnston

Joe Johnston was rolling up characters before there were cell phones. He is a regular contributor to OSR Zine Brave the Labyrinth, one of the authors in the Secret Santicore 2014, and a backer of many successful OSR kickerstaters, like Dwimmermount, Numenera, and Slumbering Ursine Dunes.