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The Evil of Witches Fen

The backwater port of Lankwick has been slowly dying for years. Every generation seems more sickly than the last. Many point to the baleful vapors issuing from Mt. Foul as the cause of the town's decline. Others cite the historic persecution of the native swamp witches whose martyrdom gave the swamp its name. In any case, your party has been stranded in Lankwick until the next ship from the capital arrives, whenever that is.

This one-page hex-crawl adventure is for 4-6 characters of levels 4-7 using Labrynth Lord core rules.

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Under Fogbreath Peak

A Stone Giant needs your help. His clan was slaughtered by a mad wizard who now lairs among its bones. He wants revenge. Can you survive the warrens beneath Fogbreath Peak?

This one-page adventure is for 4-6 characters of levels 3-5 using Labrynth Lord core rules.

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The Manse on Murder Hill

Several children of Little Flanders have gone missing near an abandoned house of ill-repute. A desperate town has begged your heroes to exorcise the house of evil spirits and rescue the children. Can you brave the dangers of the Manse on Murder Hill?
A Labyrinth Lord adventure for character levels 1–3
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Press release

  • The value proposition of low-level heroes

    A lonely outpost on the edge of civilization is being harassed by rabble of unruly goblinoids. The forces at the outpost turn to your party of novice heroes to save them. Sound familiar? It is the premise of many first level fantasy RPG a...

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  • Agenda 2014

    My RPG activity is picking up again. Here's what is in the hopper for 2014. I have changed to a PWYW model for taskboy games on RPGNow I am looking to do a print version of Manse on Murder Hill with some expanded content and additiona...

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  • Brave the Labyrinth

    If you would like to read more of my reviews, please have a look at the excellent Labyrinth Lord fanzine, Brave the Labyrinth . I am in issue #2 and I will have a review in #3. I hope to continue doing these for the foreseeable future. ...

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